Ladies Win Class 5 Senior League


Congratulations to GLTC 5 team who beat Meadowvale 2 to win DLTC Class 5 Senior League.

This special team was one to watch during this campaign as each of the players were already on winning teams for either Summer or Winter League this year. Special shout-out to Karen Hennessey who won the hat trick in her first year of league, having played on winning teams for both Winter & Summer and now Senior League.

l-r: Terri McCoy, Clair Nason, Cathy O’Rourke, Ela Szkamruk, Rose Wright, Kathy Osborne, Karen Hennessy

The team players are:

  • Pair 1: Karen Hennessey and Cathy O’Rourke
  • Pair 2: Cathy Osbourne and Rose Wright
  • Pair 3: Terri McCoy and Ela Szkamruk

Clair Nason (pictured) also played on the team.

Our thanks to the GLTC supporters who made the journey to Wicklow LTC to cheer the team along from the side-lines. The team are now promoted to Class 4 where we’ve no doubt they’ll do GLTC proud next year.

Well done G5!