Club Championships Shield Event


The Shield event takes place on Thursday 1st September starting at 6pm.

The format is team tennis with 4 doubles pairs per team. Each pair will play their corresponding number in the other teams. Matches will consist of 12 short games – i.e. 1 point after deuce. Receiver decides who should receive. A team earns one point for each game won. The maximum playing time for each match is 50 minutes even if the players have not played 12 games. The team captain is responsible for recording all results – score sheets will be provided. The winning team is the one that scores the most points and will be announced at the At Home on Saturday.


TimeHome TeamAway Team
6.00pmUnderarm ServersVicious Slicers
7.00pmVicious SlicersOverhead Smashers
8.00pmOverhead SmashersUnderarm Servers

All matches will be played on courts 6 to 9.


PositionUnderarm ServersVicious SlicersOverhead Smashers
1Sarah Rafferty (capt)
Eric Sexton
Adrienne Fitzgibbon (capt)
Mark Healy
Louisa Kirkwood
Gavan Russell (capt)
2Jenni Montag
Marcus O’Connell
Anne O Hagan
Hugh Donovan
Eilis Blacoe
Michael Lewis
3Emma Toal
Louise Rafferty
Scott Kirkwood
Paula Fagan
Tony Richardson
Eithne O’Riordan
4Carol O’Hagan
Raymond Burke
Cintia Sola
Mary Kennedy Healy
Ursula Traynor
Dorothy Walsh