Parents/guardians of juniors can download the Junior Code of Conduct here. This must be printed, signed and returned to the club.


Download Junior Code of Conduct


Team Tennis

All players must be under the age by 31st December in the year preceding the competition.

Dublin Lawn Tennis Council (DLTC) Leagues
The DLTC Organises Competitive League’s for the Under 14 and Under 17 Girls & Boys. This League is similar to the DLTC Senior Leagues in that the best juniors from every club participate so the standard is very high. Teams from Dublin/Wicklow/Kildare compete. Leagues are held between September and November with matches being played on a Sunday at 3:30pm.

Leinster Tennis Leagues

Leinster Tennis organises competitive leagues for the Under 12 Girls & Boys. This League is similar in standard to the DLTC Leagues with the best players in the club on the team and teams from all over Dublin competing. Leagues are held between March and June with matches being played on a Sunday at 2pm.
Leinster Tennis also organises the North Wicklow & South Dublin League for U14 & U18 Girls & Boys. Leagues are held between June and July with matches being played for U18 Wed 3pm and for U14 on a Tuesday class 1 / Thursday 3pm class 2 and 3.

Stars & Stripes League

The Stars & Stripes League is for Under 12, 14 and 17 year old Girls and Boys who are outside the Top 50 in the Leinster rankings. This league provides tremendous and very important team doubles matches. The League comprises of 8 local clubs
(Bray-Sandycove-Monkstown-Shankill-Newtown Park-Blackrock-Leopardstown/Meadowvale-Glenageary) and is organised by the winning club each year.
Glenageary has a policy of using this league to give valuable experience to players who are outside the top 6 on the Ladders and as such may not get the opportunity to compete in a Team Tennis Event. Leagues are held in the spring (between March and May) and in the autumn (between September and November) with matches being played on a Saturday between 5-7pm.

Individual Competition

The Team Competitions always involve mostly doubles play, so GLTC also has competitive opportunities for singles play which is necessary for the players who play opens etc.

Club Handicaps

The Club handicaps are primarily aimed at the players who do not play competitive opens and as such would really enjoy the experience of a potential Final being the Prize with a Trophy.

Club Championships

The Junior Championships is the highlight of the year and is held the last week of the summer program. This is The Australian/French/Wimbledon and the US Open’s all rolled into ONE..........

Junior Singles Ladder

The junior ladder is open to all players looking to improve their tennis by playing challenge matches. The ladder is also for any juniors looking to play League Tennis as the teams are primarily selected form the ladder rankings.
If you would like to get on the ladder please contact Faouzia.

JDP Supervised Match Play Saturdays

This is a new development that was run on a trial basis until now. The matches are open to all Grade 1 and 2 levels/age of juniors with coach supervised matches held on Saturday evenings between 5-7pm.
If you are interested in joining this league please contact Paul.