We have received updated Covid guidelines from Tennis Ireland which will impact to some extent the previous instructions we had issued. Please read these guidelines carefully so that our tournament can operate in a safe manner. 

  • Unfortunately, there can be NO spectators - only players who are due to play a match should go to club. The exception is that for juniors, one parent/guardian can be in attendance and they should wear a mask.
  • Players who are waiting to play should wear a mask until they go on court.
  • 2m social distancing must be respected. We have marked crosses on the mini-courts that are 2m apart to enable social distancing for players who are waiting to play, or guardians in attendance.
  • If arriving early for a match, please advise the match co-ordinator that you are available to play and where you can be found. If your start time is not imminent, you will have to wait in your car, or outside the club area and the coordinator will let you know when your match can start. 
  • After finishing a match, you should inform the co-ordinator of the result and then leave the club immediately. If you are scheduled to play another match and the start time is not imminent, you will need to wait in your car, or outside the club area until your match is ready to start.
  • The clubhouse is closed except for toilets. Shower facilities will not be available.
  • If showing any Covid symptoms, do not attend the club but inform the men's or ladies' captain.
  • Use the hand sanitisers on arrival and departure from club.
  • Maintain good respiratory etiquette.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Covid-19 Committee