Covid-19 Phase 3 Guidelines

Dear Members, It is now almost 6 weeks since we returned to tennis in Glenageary on May 15th and the club has been buzzing! Some of you are waiting for Doubles to start before returning, but many have been surprised by how much they have enjoyed the Singles. The Compass Draws were very popular with 72 men and 88 women participating. We are now really looking forward to commencing Phase 3 of the Tennis Ireland guidelines on Monday 29th June when we will be able to enjoy some significant changes to the restrictions that were previously imposed.

See Tennis Ireland Phase 3 Guidelines here


So how will these changes affect us here in Glenageary?

  • Both singles play and doubles play will be permitted with people from outside of their household, as long as they remain 2 metres apart as much as possible.
    We are sure this will be the most welcome news of all 😀
  • Players do not now need to use their own clearly marked tennis balls – however, if you choose to use shared balls then extra care must be taken to ensure you do not touch your face during play, and you should clean your hands before play and immediately after finishing (use sanitising gel if required).
    Phew! 4 sets of tennis balls would have been very tiresome 😕
  • Internal club competitions can be delivered subject to appropriate protocols being implemented.
    It is now looking very promising that we will be running the Club Championships in late August/early September. There may be some changes to the normal format. Details on the different events will be communicated end July.
  • Changing Rooms can reopen for players but only subject to appropriate cleaning and management protocols being in place.
    For the time being, the changing rooms will NOT be available for use, but we hope to allow this in the next few weeks. There is a considerable cleaning cost incurred to comply with cleaning management guidelines and we need to bear this in mind.
  • Coaches are allowed to work with up to 6 players per court subject to social distancing practices being implemented.
    Casey Coaching is starting a junior coaching program on June 29th with a maximum of 4 players per court and we are also starting the Junior Summer Programme on July 6th which will be time-limited but will have a maximum of 4 children per court, thus allowing a better experience for the children.
  • Visitors to clubs are allowed subject to appropriate contact tracing protocols being in place.
    It is not currently possible to record a guest's name in ClubManager365. The Covid Committee will review the protocols relating to guests. Currently, the courts are very busy and will become even busier when the Junior Coaching and Summer Programme starts. Priority must be given to our members so guests will not be allowed until further notice.
  • Outdoor gatherings of up to 200 people are permitted when conducted in line with public health advice.
    The Club hopes to run an outdoor social event during July, although it will likely be for 60-70 people only.


What other changes are happening?

  • For the early birds among you, courts are now available for booking from 8am. This may prove popular, particularly from July 6th when the Junior Summer Programme will be using 5 courts from 9.30am to1pm.
  • From Monday 29th June, the mini-tennis nets will be reinstated and families will be able to book these courts. The same protocols for contact tracing apply - i.e. you must name all the players in the booking. Full instructions on how to book a mini-tennis courts are available on the website here -
    Members are reminded to maintain social distance when using the mini-tennis courts. You should not sit on the wall behind the players unless you are providing parental supervision for those players.


Although it is wonderful to see the country opening up a bit more and the rules for playing tennis being relaxed, we cannot afford to be complacent. The Coronavirus is still around and the experts have warned that a second wave is inevitable. Let's make Glenegeary Lawn Tennis Club a model of responsible behaviour. We must all do your best to maintain social distance and implement good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

Yours in tennis,

Covid-19 Committee