Mini-tennis courts

We are delighted to announce that the club is now reopening 3 of the 4 mini-tennis courts. We hope this will be welcomed by the younger members and their parents. 

In order to comply with Covid-19 protocols and for contact tracing, it will be necessary to book the mini courts and you can now do this on the online court booking system

A parent can book a mini-court for a family game (up to 4 people from same family) or children from different families can play against each other.

To book a court, a parent should log into

On the top right, you will see a dropdown list (Tennis is the default). Select Other.


The schedules for the mini-tennis courts are then displayed.

Court 1 is closest to the clubhouse and Court 4 is next to the practice wall. Court 1 is not available to book until further notice and continues to be used for parking bicycles.

You can book a court for up to one hour by clicking on the desired court/time and pressing Extend button once. You must add the names of all players as opponents.

Note: If you are booking for 4 children and not for yourself, you will need to login using the account of one of the children as the system accepts a maximum of 4 players per booking, one of whom must be the booker.