Interested in playing DLTC league tennis for your club?

Wondering what are the selection criteria for gaining a place on a team?

Read our guiding principles, team selection criteria and special information relating to junior players below...

Guiding Principles/Objectives:

  • Provide the opportunity for the most amount of players to participate in league standard tennis
  • Compete in a cross section of classes with representation at the top level
  • Compete in all DLTC league competitions
  • Consistently have teams reaching play-off matches and beyond
  • Named players available for most matches
  • The clubs objective is to put the strongest team out in all classes
  • All league teams given the best opportunity to progress within competitions
  • Teams to use subs before taking players from other teams- sufficient subs available.
  • Promote inclusion of juniors into league teams as appropriate
  • Captains decision final regarding team selection decisions
  • Members playing in DLTC leagues are representing the club.
  • Clear communication to players of teams in advance of each league
  • Balance number of league teams with availability of courts for non-league playing members

Team Selection Criteria

  • Singles and Doubles ladders: In order for captains to assess the correct order of merit, the ladders need to be accurate so players need to challenge (and several matches). Singles ladder position is not necessarily the basis for doubles selection.
  • League objectives: Captains will set out objectives for each campaign and these will have an impact on team selection
  • Availability: preference will be given to players who can commit to all or most matches (minimum 3)
  • Past League performance: League experience counts in tight points in tight matches.
  • Box matches (if appropriate): Box matches may be used to encourage competitive games to establish teams/order of merit
  • Junior policy: Club coach’s advice is helpful in deciding which junior players are ready for league and at what level.

Note: Club needs to establish best means of operating doubles ladder for players with different partners.

Junior Players

  • Leagues give juniors an invaluable opportunity to play against a wide variety of players and experience the challenge of matchplay.
  • In conjunction with the player, parents and the club coach, captains will introduce juniors to league teams as appropriate. This may mean a junior starting on a lower team to gain experience.
  • Senior members need to be aware of child protection/GDPR rules. The club will clarify the best way of working.