The club offers coaching to adults of all standards with Paul Casey and his team. Members can take technical and/or tactical coaching in both singles and doubles.

Technical Classes: All Stroke's Course

Serve/Return/Forehand/Backhand/ ForeVolley/BackVolley/Smash

Using the MTI (Modern Tennis International) Method, students are instructed on the simplest way for them to improve their current stroke capabilities. Stroke capabilities may vary depending on what ball control is lacking. ( Height-Distance-Direction-Speed-Spin )

Course is 1hr per week for 6 weeks.

Technical Classes: Clinic Course

6 Hour Course on a Particular Stroke

Using the MTI Buddy Coaching System, the classes cover the stroke from start to finish over the course of 6 weeks, 1 hour per week. Simple progressive drills are the hallmark of this method.

Tactical Classes: How to use your shots effectively

Students will receive instruction on such topics as Court Positioning-Use of Spins-Patterns of Play- Shot Selection.

To help this we use the 3 '5s'

5 Ball Controls


5 Situations

When Serving - When Receiving Serve - Both Back at the Baseline - I am Approaching or at the Net - Opponent is Approaching or at the Net

5 Phases


Singles Tactics

Positioning and proper shot selection. Based on the ball received from your opponent and the ball sent by you. Course content depends on your current Level and what you want to achieve?

Doubles Tactics

Positioning-Movements and Communication necessary for Cohesive Doubles Play

Course content depends on you & partner’s current level and what you want to achieve?