Junior Development Program

The Junior Development program was born out of a desire to give all the juniors taking part in the CLUB COACHING Program the opportunity to be selected by the Coaches to come together in order to train, compete and most importantly make new friendships with similar level and age so as to encourage more play.

The JDP Program is open to all Members who in the eyes of the coaches are paying good attention to the club coaching instruction and would really benefit from another hour of coaching where the coaches can elaborate on the teaching points in a more active and fun way. Whilst there are exceptions from time to time, as a general rule if your child is a member and involved in a Red 1 Orange 1 Green 1 or Yellow 1 Coaching Class, then they are eligible to participate in this more Advanced, Performance type program.

This Program is 50% subsidised by the club in order to reduce the costs. So an hour of Top Class Coaching in a Group of Similar GOOD level Players only costs €5 per hour. (You would normally pay 15-20e per hour for such a group)

The Club also offers a FREE, YES FREE Tournament Program from 4-7 each Saturday for 8 weeks. The coaches once again select students from the various club coaching classes to participate in COACH Supervised Match Play which enables the coaches to tweak existing and implement new lesson plans and thereby accelerate the learning, improvement and most importantly the enjoyment of TENNIS. These matches are also used to develop the Future Junior League Teams that will represent the club at both Social and Competitive Leagues at Under 12-14-16-18 Level and then on into Senior Leagues from age 14 to 70. Because most Club Play is Doubles-oriented we use the JDP to develop a very good understanding of Doubles Tactics and Strategies from a very young age which enables the players to continue through life as club tennis players.

As a guideline the Club Coaching Classes consist of mainly technical Instruction on how to perform a movement/stroke. The JDP FRIDAY Program shows the player how to use the stroke in a Tactical or Strategic way. The JDP SATURDAY Program Offers the Player the opportunity to play and hopefully try to implement what they learned in the Friday Program. Juniors who really love tennis and want to play opens in the future generally graduate to the Casey Academy.

If your child is not in a Grade 1 Coaching Class and You feel they would like to get involved please contact Paul to arrange an assessment if necessary. If you have any questions re the JDP please contact Paul at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.