At the start of the year, I gave you some New Year resolutions. Now, here is a couple for Lent 🙏

  1. I will learn how to book a court online
  2. I will top up my fob and pay for floodlights at least once

Do you feel guilty that you are always depending on your tennis partner to book courts, or to turn the floodlights on?

Well let’s do something about that and get you up and running with ClubManager365 and Smart Club Cloud. 

Download instructions as pdf here or read on



Smart Club Cloud allows you to top up your credit linked to your fob so that you can turn on the floodlights.


Smart Club Cloud is also linked to ClubManager365, which manages the online court booking. You will be able to use the same username and password to login to each system.


 At some point, you should have received an email with instructions to complete registration for Smart Club Cloud. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that have prevented members from using the systems. Click on the + sign for the answer.

I did not receive an email with my username and password for SmartClub Cloud

It is more likely that you did receive an email, but that it went into a spam folder, or was overlooked at the time. What you need to do is this –

  • Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting your credentials for Smart Club Cloud.
  • Make sure that the email address that Catherine Byers has for you in the club database matches the one that you expect to use for Smart Club Cloud.
  • Make sure that emails from Smart Club Cloud (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) do not go into junk mail or spam.

You should receive two emails, the first one like this –

Check your spam folder if you can’t find the emails or search for emails from:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Make a note of your username. The current username convention is –


but older usernames may be different – eg. firstnamesurname

Your member number appears on invoices, but would not always be known to you.

You will also receive a second email with your temporary password, like this –

If you are tech-savvy and know how to copy and paste using shortcut keys, then do that – i.e. Double-click on the temporary password and press CTRL-C – this will make a copy of the password that you can later paste into the Login page.

Otherwise, you will have to take the tedious route and make a note of the password (mixed case).

Press the Complete Registration Now button.

You will now be asked to login to your account –

Enter the username you were given – eg.

Either type the password you were given (in mixed case), or, if you had previously copied the password using CTRL-c, click on the Password box and press CTRL-v – this will paste the password into the box.

Press Login.

You will now be asked to set your own password –


Store the Username and Password safely!

Follow the instructions and press Set Password and you should reach the Smart Club Cloud Home page


And now you’re ready to go!

You can top up your fob with credit to pay for floodlights through the Top Up button.

You can go directly to the online court booking system through the Bookings button. 

I can’t remember my password for Smart Club Cloud

OK, so you have previously completed registration for Smart Club Cloud, but you haven’t used it in so long that you have now forgotten how. Never mind, here’s what you do –

Go to the Smart Club Cloud login page -

This is also accessible from the Glenageary LTC website home page -

NOTE: If you can’t remember your Username, then you will have to follow the instructions for I did not receive an email with my username and password for SmartClub Cloud

If you remember your username, but not your password, you can request a password reset here –

Click on the Forgot your password? button

Enter your username and press Submit.

An email with a temporary password will be sent to your mailbox.

Copy the temporary password using CTRL-c (or make a note of it for retyping later).

Click on Click here to login now and follow instructions to set new password.

I don’t know how to top up the credit on my fob

Once you are logged in to the Smart Club Cloud home page, you can press the Top Up button and you will see details of your account -

Click on the <Select Purse> dropdown and select SmartCard.

Enter the amount you want to top up by. It currently costs €3.60 per hour for floodlights, so €20 is a good start.

Check the boxes I have read and accept… and I understand a surcharge…

Press the Process Top Up button.

You will now be asked to confirm the top up and for your credit card details –

NOTE: Smart Club Cloud uses the Realex payment gateway, which is secured by encryption. 

I don’t know how to book a court

If you have your Smart Club Cloud login credentials, then you can use the same username and password to access ClubManager365 for online court booking. You can get to ClubManager365 in three different ways –

  1. Click on Book a Court on the Glenageary LTC home page -
  2. Go directly to ClubManager365 –
  3. Click on the Bookings button from the Smart Club Cloud home page.

From here, click on the Login button at the top and enter your Username and Password.You will be brought by default to today’s court booking sheet.


To book a court, click on a cell that corresponds to the court and start time that you want.

If the cell is for 30 minutes, you will have the option to extend it twice up to 90 minutes. Evening slots are already set to 90 minutes.